Being Black in America

Being “Black” in America does not just mean color or race but is a cultural identity, an ethnicity of an entire group of marginalized people who share similar ancestry, social anthropology, ethnic features, historical experiences, social injustices and disparities in life, starting with surviving slavery here in the USA…

There is something communal about the term, which is the reason that I prefer “black” over “African American.” If you use “African American” then it would be politically correct to use “European American” in the same context, as a continent of origin or descent, not a race or ethnicity…

Ours is the result of an unwitting fusion or amalgamation of African and European cultures, occurring incident to forced assimilation, without formal teaching of language, keeping ignorant, purposefully, of certain things so as to neither stimulate abstract thought nor promote academia, to maintain control and dehumanize, a way of keeping ‘slaves’ dependent on their ‘masters,’ a condition that translates into the modern day socioeconomic disparities fueled by ongoing discriminatory practices, effective segregation, all resulting from the perpetuation of oppression byway of systemic racism, compounded by internalized racism…

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