Still Making History…

Why, when there is no representation amongst the nine (9) Supreme Court Justices from the perspective of life lived, learned, and seen through the lens of a black female, especially one who is equally if not more qualified than the majority of the 115 historically seated Justices; does pure ignorance spew from the mouths of some who are so narrow minded and limited by their own implicit biases and/or prejudices, that they do not realize that a person can be partial and fairly judge all people equally regardless of race… She adds more diversity to the highest court of the land (USA) and will “rule” from a vantage point that will make judgments imposed more fair, not less. The sentencing laws and their respective perimeters is what needs to be changed if the Senate is so preoccupied with the court’s broad interpretation and discretionary decision making privileges… Judges/Justices use their professional discretion based on standards established, both in the past and present, traditionally observed across the majority of the profession, by fellow colleagues trying similar cases, on a case per case basis, depending on those sentencing laws attached to the respective crime of which a person is being convicted… Congress is responsible for legislation passed, they’re the ones who make the laws and The U.S. Sentencing Commission determines sentencing criteria/guidelines, so if they don’t like them then change them…

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