About Me

Hello, my name is Terilyn C Perry MD. I am a pediatrician in solo private practice since 1992.
This site’s content references my knowledge in medicine. The purpose is to educate on various topics relevant to my expertise in healthcare for children, life experiences and special interests.
I am a very philosophical person. I think deeply. Humility is my virtue. In addition to medicine, I am passionate about humanity, life and health.
My special interest is the cultural anthropology of all people, true (unadulterated) history particularly the black American history (from my point of view), genealogy, education, economic empowerment, culinary arts, fashion, design, music, entertainment and the arts.
This site, like a magazine, has articles and products for retail relevent to the content being highlighted. As the name  implies there is a menagerie or eclectic mix of topics ‘potpourri’ for review and information.
Content shared has been researched and is affiliated with trustworthy sites, to the best of my knowledge. I hope to engage followers in a creative as well as informative experience that is unique and tasteful.

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