The Injustice of Justice

Now I see that the entire system is rigged in favor of the privileged majority empowered in the USA. Black people do not commit more crimes, we just get caught more often due to profiling of our race and over policing of our communities. We are set up by a skewed system and are exploited as such, shown in the mainstream media as criminals, rarely as upstanding citizens. So every one including ourselves believe it must be true, a phenomenon called internalized oppression. Studies have shown (proven) that black people are arrested more often and given longer harsher sentences than their white counterparts committing the same or worse crimes. White people get the benefit of the doubt by the institutions of systemic racism and they know the ‘it’s who you know’ people (we are not privy to these benefits typically). Also their social economic status is typically better, imparting them better representation under the law. The statistics used to condemn us are skewed due to the fact that the white criminals are left out of the equation. How can they admittedly use 2.5 times more drugs, deal drugs at equal rates but blacks are 3 times more likely to be arrested and represent 85% of nonviolent drug imprisonments while black people only represent 12% of the US population? Based on the shear numbers this is highly improbable, actually it’s impossible! White people commit the most heinous crimes and seem to be glorified for it e.g., drug kingpins, the Mafia and all of their historical gang killings, race rioting, countless serial killings, white collar crimes which include stealing billions from businesses by way of fraud, extortion, blackmail, embezzlement or conning trusting people then taking their whole life’s work savings and/or retirement, corporate banks and other conglomerate businesses’ like the “too big to fail” financial catastrophe that nearly put the entire country into bankruptcy due to illegal subprime mortgage loans then those who invested their entire businesses in those banks on the stock market (which only had virtual money backing them) crashed, then tax payers had to loan the big banks money to bail them out (I haven’t seen anyone go to jail for that one yet???), mass killings (domestic terrorism) current day and historically, nearly extinguishing the Native Americans, massacres of entire black communities, killing thousands during Jim Crow, not to mention the millions during slavery. We have been brainwashed to believe these incorrect statistics and believe the images portrayed on the news vilifying black Americans, they show only us being arrested and the jails filled with only us. This is the incorrect representation of us by an unjust justice system. I am not for criminality in any form but I am for equal opportunity criminal justice.

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