CDC Gun Violence Research Defunded By Congress Due To NRA Lobbyists Pressure In 1996 Amendment…

This is how the National Rifle Association (NRA) controls gun laws. They make sure to be at the table when laws and amendments are written. They pay lobbyist to push their agenda. I did not know that there was an amendment passed in 1996 prohibiting the Center for Disease Control (CDC) from using government funds to research deaths by gun violence because it may result in a political advocacy against guns. It is my understanding, (correct me if I am wrong) after reading this article, that Congress cut the government funding to the CDC agency at that time by the amount they used for gun death research (after they published their findings of increased risk for deaths by suicide and accidental deaths of children in households where guns were present), which sent a message to them to stop nearly all research into the causes of gun violence, because they could not afford to pay for the research using private funding only. They’re to just count the numbers, provide mode of death and give statistics on race, age and sex. No more no less. This is what needs to change. How can you impact something when you’re not even trying to see it? How can you protect the sheep when the wolf is guarding them?

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