Black Stereotype Fact Check…

It doesn’t matter what level of success you achieve, when you are outside of your microcosm, you are just another black man (woman or child) who has to comply with the implicitly biased rules made by the majority society… See us! We are multifaceted… we are not the stereotype… we do like fried chicken however, but doesn’t everyone?😆 (a bit of comic relief). Yes we are talented in music, dance and sports, something inherent, a part of our microculture as descendants from African slaves, a remnant of our tribal heritage (of which we are proud), these talents were seen for a time as the only way out of the decades of degradation and oppression, careers that were “acceptable” by the majority culture who did the hiring and put up the ceiling, seeing black people as only capable of holding positions of servitude and other low level jobs skills, perpetuating poverty, a known contributor to crime. And although our crime rate is higher for our population, it does not define us. Just like most white collar criminals, serial killers and mass murders are white, we know most white people are not. Criminalizing black people has been compounded by media portrayals and is statistically incorrect due to profiling, racially biased policing and sentencing, all have contributed to the stereotypical perceptions, so contrary to popular belief, the majority of black people are NOT criminals, drug addicts or vagrants. And although there are significant disparities, we make up a large portion of “essential” (coined since the COVID-19 Pandemic) unskilled workers and blue collar workers trying to earn an honest living, many of us are professionals too, in addition to musicians, dancers and athletes, we are artists, authors, actors, fashion models, beauticians, interior designers, chefs, accountants, teachers, professors, ministers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer technicians, architects, real estate agents, enlisted military to officers, entrepreneurs and business owners, etc., we are even Fortune 500 CEOS, Judges, Mayors, Governors, Senators and yes, even a President of the United States of America! We are more alike than different… We are not to be feared… Get to know us as people… Never assume… Give us the same “benefit of the doubt” given to you, the majority “the privileged…”

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