Balance the Playing Field by Taming Profiteering and Corporate Greed…

Incentivize the free enterprise market to create fair profit sharing to those essential to their productivity, because the workers are the reason for its corporate success and without those “essential” workers there would be no profit. Enforce the trickle down theory! Let everyone benefit from capitalism…

Corporations with multiple tiers of employees should be required to pay a certain percent (%) of profits to employees from entry level and up, using an internal hierarchical pay grade system then establish an employee contract based on productivity before paying a return to shareholders.*

This would help narrow the economic class gap. Corporations making record profits of $billions by squeezing their employees’ benefits and salaries to the bone, should have starting pay far above minimum wage and offer benefit packages including healthcare insurance, paid leave, 401K, incentive bonuses, etc.

A mode to compete with the healthcare insurance industry’s nation wide monopoly would be to institute a Single Payer National Healthcare (Universal) System, an insurance model that will contract with healthcare providers independently (not with existing private healthcare insurance companies) covering all American lives to drive costs down through healthy competition but could still allow individuals to opt out and choose private insurance benefit packages if they desire.

Prisons should not be for profit, therefore never on the stock market. This prison labor, relatively speaking, is akin to slave labor, against which employers especially small businesses can not compete because they must pay a fair wage to their employees and still earn a profit. This undercuts mainstream businesses’ profits by way of unfair competition while exploiting prisoners.

Businesses that leave the country going overseas to China taking advantage of their communist wage, should not be allowed to sale back to the USA for the same prices or less than the “made in USA” competition because it affords them a huge unfair advantage for profit over their competitors because of low overhead, i.e., not having to pay wages or benefits while still getting tax breaks. They should be heavily taxed and tariffs should apply making it financially advantageous to return and/or stay in the USA.

I do not wish for government to control free enterprise, but there is a reason why monopolies should be broken up and why there should be no businesses that are “too big to fail” that own and control so much of the economic wealth that they alone could put the country into a recession.

There should be accountability, they should be disincentivized, e.g., no government incentive payments given to already multimillionaire corporate giants e.g., oil companies, but they like those types of government concessions “welfare for the rich” (Bernie Sanders quote) all the while making their incessant plea for “less government.” This philosophy is unadulterated dogmatic hypocrisy…

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