Correct History is Fact Not Theory…

Let me just start this post by saying that I love ALL people of the world, that I am fascinated by all different races and cultures, that it would be very dull and boring if we were all the same, but with globalization we are melding together, assimilating and losing our native or indigenous identities. Most of us are westernized because of the far reaching arm of imperialism by way of colonialism. This was directly responsible for the displacement of people from their native lands by those In search of new lands, gold, social, political and religious freedom then denied others they invaded and displaced the same, marginalizing even indigenous majority populations transforming them into minorities in their own lands byway of genocide by massacres and effectively through disease, assimilation or sheer exhaustion (worked to death) and they had it down to a fine science – using the guise of a mission to spread Christianity to befriend, entrust then betray, enslave, assimilate and/or kill, all in the name of ridding the land of “savages” and creating civilization in its wake, justifying this somehow using Christianity. This was the European’s playbook, their mode of operation (MO) and it worked, leading to British conquest and colonization of over 70%-80% of the world, adding the French, Spanish and Portuguese made it 90% European. They migrated to other countries as colonists, many were convicts, derelicts of society and peasants, who were no more than servants or sharecroppers working for the monarchy’s hierarchical class system, becoming enlightened, many sought to establish wealth through migration from land strapped European countries to other countries around the world, taking over their land and natural resources, but many were not able to afford the cost of the trip so financed their fair across the Atlantic by contracting themselves out as indentured servants for 4-7 years, then as this “voluntary” form of slavery was fraught with many problems as they had legal rights and upon repayment of their debt became free to own land, most were given 25 acres, a cow, corn and clothing as dues promised by British companies or per contract as an incentive to grow the colonies, and allowed to directly compete with the other land owners, so as it fizzled out a more permanent form of cheap labor took its place, they used forced migration by way of the Transatlantic Slave Trade of black people from Africa to serve the European colonies as slaves, they being owned for not only their life but their childrens lives and their children’s children’s lives, this perpetual cycle intended for infinity, lasted nearly 250 years in the USA, ending along various timelines in other territories/countries/ nations across the world, creating the black diaspora present today. How Africa (90%) and India (58%) let a few Europeans (the minority) take over their continent and country respectively, I don’t get it, but it happened. The city of Hong Kong was the last British territory released in 1997. So when you hear talk of “Anglo-Saxon political Traditions” know that is code for white supremacy/nationalism, well actually it’s not code, it is blatant… Anglo-Saxons were a native Germanic people who migrated to the Island of Britain in the 5th century…🤔

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