The Rich Get Richer…

What about billionaires who do not pay taxes, relatively speaking (like Trump), many of whom hide their money in offshore accounts (barely legal). And what about all of the manufacturing companies who have moved to communist nations to capitalize off of communist wages or third world nations…

Using near slave labor with whom we in the USA can not compete, then sale their products back to us at inflated prices, costing us as a nation, the loss of entry level jobs, amounting to billions in loss of employment (wages) and ancillary businesses i.e. vendors, suppliers, hospitality, real estate and other commerce who have suffered loss in revenue or gone out of business; effecting local economies. What about those billion dollar companies who receive tax breaks and pay less in taxes than their employees, all paid for by we the taxpayers.

There are two extremes benefiting from the government, while we, the ‘middle class’ finance them both but get nothing. The middle class is fading fast and the gap is widening, favoring the top 1% who control 80% of wealth. As the saying goes ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.’ The rich need to pay their fair share of taxes and pay a decent wage to the people who made them rich because as we have seen, the trickle down theory does not work, there is too much greed and corruption; and on the flip side the indigent poor, who are able bodied, need to work and carry their own weight, advancing themselves.

There is a happy medium to be had. How about bipartisanship? The standoff needs to end. The divisiveness created a monster…Trump!

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