Are We Invisible? Or Are Others just Blind?

Black visibility often unseen

…not because of purposeful exclusion oftentimes but because different cultures are blind to others experiences because they have never been exposed to those things that are culturally invisible. These differences can make a group inadvertently detached and segregated from each other. There are different preferences which are learned or taught such as manner of speech or dialect, taste in food, music and fashion; or different life experiences such as socioeconomic, healthcare, education and judicial… Starting from a place where all things being equal as in a utopian society and every disparity has been adjusted for, should just be that, just different, these differences, if all people were treated fairly, no more no less, one not more superior than the other and one not more inferior… each appreciated for its own uniquities

R&B vs Pop Music for example…

Most people from a black culture in my generation grew up listening to R&B so have a preference for it and may have never listened to pop… And Most people from a white culture in my generation grew up listening to pop so have a preference for it and may have never listened to R&B… Now, of course you have those people of each culture who cross over listening to both (like me listening to Casey Kasem and the top 40) but they are not the majority…

Rap/Hip hop as a genre has traversed the racial divide starting out as a subculture in black/African American music then became a movement made up of a diverse group people consisting of multiple races and ethnicities with a broadening appeal worldwide evolving over the last several generations especially amongst the younger generations… it is like the tie that binds!

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