Investing In Our Future… What We Mean By “Defunding Police” A means For Economic Development

Instead of pumping money into building more prisons and funding corrupt and/or barely legal profiteering partnerships between metropolitan government officials and corporations who monopolize the business market by having an unfair advantage of near slave/prison labor, benefiting mutually from privatized prisons. That taxpayer money should be earmarked for funding institutions of higher learning that teach technical and/or vocational skills and provide free tuition if public or subsidized if private for affordability…

We need to invest in the economic development of the community, the source of our future workforce and future leaders, to ensure the future economic stability of our nation. As a country where technology is paramount to the success of all businesses, IT support is essential along with ancillary contributors whether affiliate or competing, and other business enterprising services are in high demand, they are in need of skilled workers to be productive but can’t find them to meet the supply and demand of consumers. And we are a nation of consumers…

The sad thing is that our children after 12 years of education aren’t qualified for any career options that will allow them to live independently and progress up the corporate latter because those jobs are gone, they either require higher educational degrees to even make it to entry level or like manufacturing jobs, have moved overseas to China (our enemy) to take advantage of the communist wage, selling their products back to us, underpricing the local loyal U.S. businesses who can’t compete (just like with the prisoner wage) and go out of business or get absorbed, bought out by big corporations and hence a vicious unsustainable cycle contributing to the ever growing wealth gap…

I think we need to go back to apprenticeships where workers receive on the job training or partnerships between the pubic and private sector where companies have a relationship with an accredited technical institution where enrolled students may participate in specialized didactic courses specific to that needed for successful employment by the hosting company, then rotate through participating businesses’ byway of externships to gain experience and earn hours that translate into credits towards a certification, diploma and/or degree and possibly a job guarantee if successful…
We have to be creative!

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