Black History 365

Black history is 365 days a year. We are constantly making history as black people. We need to learn the past true history and tell it. We need to correct it, including that which was omitted. We have to portray the true story in the literature, theater and on television. This is why there has to be the inclusion of “black” in all else white America, otherwise it will be made to appeal to the majority, even if inadvertently misrepresented or a blatant unadulterated lie, which has been this country’s M.O. from the beginning, actually inherently right out of the conquest handbook of the Europeans, where they befriend, defile, vilify, overturn existing government (even if tribal), replacement with own, then rewrite history (lie), use government sanctioned racist laws to oppress and/or enslave those who were indigenous and steal the natural resources, claiming anything of worth as rightfully theirs either through omissions or whitewashing, including taking credit for any highly esteemed heroic or acclaimed figures acts, inventors inventions, musicians music, etc., even Jesus was whitewashed… Typically those whose contributions were taken, were taken from those ultimately persecuted by them, and they used “religion” as their point of entry to invade then used supremacy to justify their inhuman treatment of indigenous and/or enslaved people whom they deemed irreparably savage and uncivilized, committing them to an existence of servitude, not only for their lifetime but the lifetime of their descendants… us! So here we are in modern times, our legacy stolen and we don’t know our history because we believed what was taught to us in majority schools and shown to us by majority media… Sorry for the run on but I was on a roll😆

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