The Emasculation of the Black Male…

The emasculation of the black male began with the effective genocide of his people during slavery… with the rape of his women, the selling of his children and separation of his families during forced migration, forced assimilation into a subhuman existence with denial of education and basic human/civil rights followed by the peonage system, domestic terrorism during what should have been the “Reconstruction” post Civil War era followed by modern day racial profiling, over policing of black communities while under policing white communities and privatization of prisions staffed by the mass incarceration of black males (predominantly) for trumped up charges using discriminatory and extreme sentencing practices enforced by bigoted law enforcement agents using racist laws… all of these government sanctioned institutions of systemic racism, have created a generational removal of the black male by way of forced servitude in one way or another “slavery by another name” in effect… a 400(+) year condition…

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